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unbleached baking paper australia

Compostable, unbleached and chlorine free Parchment Baking Paper.

The premium quality FSC certified unbleached, greaseproof baking paper is perfect for a wide variety of baking and cooking needs. While some baking papers are coated with Quilon, which contains heavy metals like chromium that can be toxic when incinerated, the If You Care Parchment Paper uses Silicone, derived from a natural element.  No chlorine has been used in the production of the baking paper, which means no chlorine is dumped into our lakes and streams.

The box includes one roll of Baking paper (19.8m x 33cm).

If you care baking paper details:

  • FSC Certified unbleached greaseproof paper
  • Totally chlorine-free (TCF)
  • Minimum waste
  • Compostable after use
  • Unbleached recycled cardboard packaging
  • Vegetable-based inks for printing
  • Non-toxic glues
  • Biodegradable cardboard packaging: which should be recycled
  • Silicone coated – derived from silicon found in sand/quartz/rock (abundant in nature and non-toxic)
  • Excellent for baking and cooking
  • No greasing necessary
  • Oven safe up to 428°F/220°C
  • Microwave-safe
  • Suitable for vegetarians and vegans
  • Gluten free
  • Allergen free

Product Description

unbleached baking paper australia

unbleached baking paper australia Unbleached stuffing Paper is considered enverionmental friendly. We are the renowned Supplier of Unbleached Stuffing Paper in the market. Our qualitative range of Unbleached Stuffing Paper is widely in demand by our clients as it is known for quality and excellent performance. The Unbleached Stuffing Paper that we providd features perfect finish and smooth texture.

f You Care are the original company who developed a range of safe and eco friendly options for those who love to bake. We stock their range of baking cups, parchment paper and roasting bags, all made from FSC Certified paper, chrlorine free and unbleached. Each product is available in our BULK BUY option, saving you money when you purchase 3 or more of any single item from If You Care in the same transaction.

Their 100% natural sponge cloths are a popular choice in our natural cleaning range. Made from 70% cellulose and 30% unbleached cotton, they are machine washable up to 300 times and able to absorb up to 20x their own weight in liquid.

If You Care Certified Compostable Parchment Baking Paper Is Compostable In Backyard Or Home Compost Facilities., If You Care Certified Compostable Parchement Baking Paper Is Compostable In Commercial Composting Facilities And Meet The Standards Of En 13432. Appropriate Facilities May Not Exist In Your Area., If You Care Certified Compostable Parchment Paper Is Compostable In Backyard Or Home Compost Facilities., This Is An If You Care Product. For More Information About If You Care Products, Visit Us At Package Made From Recycled Board., Us Importer A Source Atlantique Inc. Englewood Cliffs, Nj 07632, Registered Eu Office: Source Atlantique Uk Ltd 4 North Guildry Street Elgin Uk Iv30 1jr, 03 97011666, Aus. Imported By Trialia Foods Australia Pty Ltd 424 Princes Highway, Noble Park Nth., Vic, Why Use If You Care Fsc & Compostable Certified Unbleached Tcf Parchment Baking Paper? Each Year More Than 30 Million Acres Of Natural Forests Are Destroyed By Illegal Logging And Land Clearance. The Forest Stewardship Council (fsc) Promotes Responsible Forest Management Through A Rigorous Certification System Of Forests And Forest Products. When You Buy If You Care Fsc Certified Parchment Baking Paper You Know That The Paper Is From Forests That Comply With The Most Rigorous Environmental And Social Standards. Every Year About 80 Million Tons Of Waste (u.s. Epa Figure) That Goes To U.s. Landfills Is Material Which Could Be Turned Into Compost Under The Right Conditions. In Landfills, This Organic Material (food Scraps, Etc.) Releases Methane-a Powerful Greenhouse Gas-contributing To Global Warming. Diverting Food Scraps From Landfill To Compost Facilities Contributes Significantly To Preserving Our Planet And Natural Resources. If You Care Certified Compostable Parchment Baking Paper Is Certified For Municipal Or Commercial Composting As Well As For Backyard Or Home Composting. If You Care Parchment Baking Paper Is Made From Unbleached Totally Chlorine-free (tcf) Paper. Since No Chlorine Or Chlorine Derivatives Are Used To Produce Our Papers, No Chlorine Or Chlorine Derivatives Get Dumped Into Our Lakes, Rivers Or Streams., Product Lifecycle – Materials – Parchment: From Fsc Certified Forests, Unbleached Totally Chlorine Free (tcf), Silicon Coated-derived From Silicon Found In Sand/quartz/rock. Board: Recycled Processed Chlorine Free (pcf). Environmental Benefits – Fsc Certified Paper From Well Managed Forests, 100% Certified Compostable, Totally Chlorine Free (tcf), Silicone, Derived From Silicone, Abundant In Nature, Non-toxic, Minimum Waste. Usage – Excellent For Baking And Cooking, No Greasing Necessary, Microwave Safe; Oven Safe To 428°f/220°c. Disposal – Parchment Is Certified Compostable And Can Be Home Composted, Parchment Can Be Composted In Municipal Or Commercial Compost Facilities Where Available, Cardboard Box Should Be Recycled, To Open – 1. Pull Off Tear Strip, 2. Open Lid, 3. Pull Out Paper To Desired Length 4. Push Lid Firmly Down And Tear Paper Downward, Ideal For Baking & Cooking If You Care Fsc Certified Unbleached Parchment Baking Paper Is Perfect For Baking And Cooking. No Greasing Is Necessary, Sparing Additional Fat And Calories, While Saving Time. This Paper Won’t Affect The Taste Of Baked Goods. It Is Microwave Safe And Oven Proof Up To 428°f/220°c. Roll Is Sufficient For 50 To 70 Sheets. Sheets Can Be Re-used., Big 70 Sq Ft Roll, Quality With Integrity, Fsc & Compostable Certified Unbleached Totally Chlorine-free (tcf), 70 Sq Ft (65 Ft X 13 In) 6.5 Sq M (19.8 M X 33 Cm), 6.5 Sq M, Home Ok Compost S203 Vincotte, 2005 Outstanding Non-food Specialty Item, Ok Compost S203 Vincotte, Mix Wood From Responsible Sources Fsc C005046, 7p2011


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